Our Classes

Below is a brief introduction of the classes offered at the WCCA. Please click on the left side panel on specific classes for additional information. 

Simplified Chinese 1-2(中文一/二班)

Teacher(老师): Ms. Ren (任秀志)


Simplified Chinese 1 and 2 focuses on Chinese used in everyday interaction and basic grammar. This class involves reading, writing and speaking.


Simplified Chinese 3 (中文三班)

Teacher(老师):  王燕 (Yan Wang)

Simplified Chinese 3 focuses on Chinese vocabulary and word recognition. Chinese songs and videos will be shown to improve the students’ fluency and interest in learning Chinese.

Simplified Chinese 4 (中文四班)

Teacher(老师):   蒲铮 (Pu Zheng)


Simplified Chinese 4 works on further widening the vocabulary range of students, learning about Chinese traditions/culture, and familiarizing students on Chinese geography.

Simplified Chinese 5 (中文五班)

Teacher(老师):  阎一心

Simplified Chinese 5 works on pinyin, passage analysis, ability to identify central ideas in a text, reading proficiency and new vocabulary.




Simplified Chinese 6(中文六班)

Teacher(老师):  章秀芬

Simplified Chinese 6 is the most advanced language course offered at Westlake Chinese School. Students are working toward mastering the skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing through active classes.

Chinese Culture 1 (文化一班)

Teacher(老师):  许瑶坤 (Yaokun Xu)

The Chinese Culture 1 class works on Chinese used in simple greetings and dialogue. Students will learn about Chinese culture through songs, customs and video stories.

Chinese Culture 2 and 3(文化二班)

Teachers(老师):   Xiaochuan Hu and Xin Wang


Chinese Culture 2 is the continuation of the elementary Chinese course for students beginning to learn Mandarin as a second language. Students will continue learning the basic skills for everyday communication. To facilitate the study of the language, different aspects of Chinese culture and society will be introduced through Chinese videos and group activities.

Chinese Culture 4 (文化四班)

Teacher(老师):   Feng Li


Chinese Culture 5 (文化五班)

Instructor: Chan Zou 

Phone: 216-925-8914


Culture 5/College Prep Chinese is designed to be comparable to the second semester year of a college/university course in Mandarin Chinese. High school students who wish to enroll in College Prep Chinese must have completed at least two years of Chinese study at the high school level. This course will develop students’ comprehensive skills of learning Chinese, including listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Students will learn about various facets of Chinese culture including traditional festivals, food, folk music, etc.

Extracurricular Classes:

Besides language and cultural classes, WCCA also offers art, Kungfu, ping pong and badminton classes, taught by qualified teachers.