Homework Fall 2013

Hi this is our chinese class 2013 fall page, I'm Yiyin, make sure you guys find the right page. : )

I post excise for Pinyin. 汉语拼音练习题 

Welcome to hand in that work sheet  to get extra credit :)

I want to share one video to you about Pinyin. We will talk about more in this week. You can review in your home.

2013 11 2

1. Journal for P42. 5 or more sentences.
2. P42七个词汇标拼音 并抄写一遍.
3. 完成
en eng in ing an ang专项练习. 每个生词标拼音并熟读.
en eng in ing an ang专项练习.docx
4. For Bethany only, P42 七个生词造句.

2013 11 12

1. Journal for P43. 5 or more sentences.

2. 复习P43 生词 周六听写.

3. Blue Work book P15.

4. 完成拼音七页 并带来上课。