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Westlake Chinese School offers different levels of Simplified Chinese classes (suitable for students whose parents have a Chinese native language background) and Chinese culture classes (suitable for students whose parents do not have a native Chinese language background, adopted Chinese children and those interested in Chinese culture and arts) and extra curriculum programs, such as Tai Chi, Martial Arts, Painting, Dancing, Badminton, Table Tennis, Cucurbit flute, Vocal Class, etc. Both parents and students are welcome. For specific course teaching content and teaching materials, please refer to the relevant pages for details.

Image by MI PHAM

2023-2024 School Year Class Registration

Please click the link below to register for our classes

Parents are asked to purchase student textbooks by themselves. The simplified Chinese class uses "MeiZhou Chinese". The ordering website is:

(Please select the simplified version)

The cultural class uses "Easy Steps to Chinese", available on Amazon.

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