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Drawing class

Lecturer: Wang Yan

Beginner Painting Class:
Focusing on improving students' interest in painting, through learning simple two-dimensional landscapes, figures, and cartoons, master the important art of curve painting. Students will learn drawing techniques in pencil, colored, marker, ink and neutral strokes. Among them, the watercolor painting course will include teaching students some simple painting techniques and contents in Chinese traditional painting.

Advanced Painting Class:

The teaching object of the advanced painting class is for students who have mastered certain basic painting skills. By continuing the study of two-dimensional and simple three-dimensional paintings of landscapes, figures, and still lifes with certain difficulty, students can improve their ability to observe people and objects. The collocation of various colors and the use of grayscale (Value Scale). Students will learn drawing techniques in pencil, color, charcoal, pastel, watercolor, and acrylic. Among them, students will have the opportunity to learn some painting techniques and contents of Chinese traditional painting.

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The purpose of the painting class at Westlake Chinese School:

Improve aesthetics, cultivate sentiment, enhance self-confidence and enrich life by learning painting.

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        Congratulations to Olivia,  a student of Westlake Chinese School Drawing Class, for her painting being accepted by the famous art exhibition in the region.

          Olivia Li is a student in Chinese School's advanced painting class. She is a very artistically gifted little painter. Her lifelike paintings of betta fish and tiger eyes were accepted by the People's Art Show for an exhibition. This is a photo of Olivia in front of her own work in the exhibition.

2022 Summer Painting Class

In the summer of 2022, we ushered in the first physical art summer camp after the epidemic. The main content of this summer camp is to learn basic watercolor/gouache painting. The students learned to use Western watercolor/gouache paints to create Chinese-style ink paintings. And experience the difference between painting on Western watercolor paper and painting on Chinese rice paper. As the so-called art does not ask anything!

excellent work
​ Some student works and class highlights

Painting Class Exhibition

      After spring break, its our Painting Class Exhibition. All the students selected their favorite paintings, arranged on a display board and brought to school.
        green, yellow, blue ... Each student "dressed up" his display board beautifully. The students in the painting class wanted to show their painting works and painting talents to teachers, parents and their classmates.
      _Some students have prepared their favorite works , but when I wanted to make a display board, I couldn't find the work. In a hurry, he bought a display board and started painting directly on the board. The scene of his concentrated creation was quietly recorded by his mother (see the picture on the right). Unique, creative work won the Best Design Award for this exhibition.


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Hall of Fame

Best Painting Award Winners: Olivia Li, Shi Jiyun, Zoey Tao

Best Design Award Winners: Chen Aoli, Peng Jiayue 

Design Incentive Award: Fei Yian


Best Drawing Award: Olivia Li


Best Painting Award: Shi Jiyun


Best Drawing Award : Zoey Tao


Best Design Award: Oliver Chen


Best Design Award: Jiayue Peng


Design Incentive Award: Fei Yian

​Please enjoy the works of the children in our Westlake Chinese School painting class