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​Tai Chi, Kung Fu Class

Instructor: Cao Yong

Kung Fu Beginner Class

Teaching basic skills and primary boxing, basic methods of stick, learning primary stick, primary sword, primary knife.

Kung Fu Advanced Class

Improve the basic movements and routines of primary knives and primary swords, and master the basic movements and combinations of nunchakus. On this basis, master the nunchaku routine, improve the basic movement combination of the nine-section whip, and learn the nine-section whip routine.


Tai Chi Beginner Class

After mastering Taijiquan primary stance, 8-style Taijiquan, 24-style Taijiquan, and 32-style Taijijian,

The focus is mainly on learning 42-style Tai Chi and achieving proficient drills.

Tai Chi Advanced Class

Improve the 42-style Taijiquan training skills, improve the ability and skills of the 42-style Taijijian exercise, and master the 56-style Chen Style Taijiquan proficiently.

Begin to learn Tai Chi Fan routines, which are standard in international competitions.

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