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Westlake Chinese School offers simplified Chinese classes (suitable for students whose parents have a Chinese native language background), Chinese culture classes (suitable for students whose parents do not have a native Chinese language background, adopted Chinese children and those interested in Chinese culture and arts) according to different learning levels of students. Other ethnic groups) and after-school interest classes, such as Tai Chi, martial arts, painting, dance, badminton, table tennis, cucurbit flute, etc. Parents and students are welcome to actively participate. For specific course teaching content and teaching materials, please refer to the relevant pages of the teaching world.

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Cao Yong

Chinese Kung Fu and Tai Chi class teacher

Course Introduction

Kung Fu Beginner Class:

Teaching basic skills and primary boxing, basic methods of stick, learning primary stick, primary sword, primary knife.

Advanced Kung Fu Class:

Improve the basic movements and routines of primary knives and primary swords, and master the basic movements and combinations of nunchakus. On this basis, master the nunchaku routine, improve the basic movement combination of the nine-section whip, and learn the nine-section whip routine.


Tai Chi Beginner Class:

After mastering Taijiquan Elementary Zhuanggong, 8-style Taijiquan, 24-style Taijiquan, and 32-style Taijijian, the focus is mainly on learning 42-style Taijiquan, and achieving proficient drills.

Tai Chi Advanced Class:

Improve the 42-style Taijiquan training skills, improve the ability and skills of 42-style Taijijian, master the 56-style Chen Style Taijiquan, and begin to learn the international competition standard Taiji fan routine.

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Wang Yan

Teacher of painting elementary and advanced classes

MS in Applied Mathematics from the State University of New York at Stony Brook. Worked for MFJ enterprises Inc.  Has teaching experience in using Ma Liping textbook from grade 1 to grade 7. Won the title of outstanding teacher of the National Chinese Association. Many of her students have also won prizes in the National Chinese Examination, the Global Chinese Composition Competition, the Small Anchor Competition, and the Recitation Competition.

Wang Yan is also an art teacher. She studied in the Fine Arts Department of Cleveland State University. The work has been selected by the judges for several adult art exhibitions at Cleveland State University and the Cleveland area. Excellent works were also ordered by the judges before the exhibition started.

Course Introduction

Beginner painting class:

Focusing on improving students' interest in painting, through learning simple two-dimensional landscapes, figures, and cartoons, master the important art of curve painting. Students will learn drawing techniques in pencil, colored, marker, ink and neutral strokes.

Advanced painting class:

The teaching objects are students who have mastered certain basic painting skills. By continuing the study of two-dimensional and simple three-dimensional paintings of landscapes, figures, and still lifes with certain difficulty, students can improve their ability to observe people and objects. The collocation of various colors and the use of grayscale (Value Scale). Students will learn drawing techniques in pencil, color, charcoal, pastel, watercolor, and acrylic.


Adult Class, Children Class

Ruth received her MFA degree in dance concentrating on contemporary dance, ballet, Chinese classical dance, Chinese folk dance, dance somatic, and dance education. She has over fifteen years of dance performance experience, along with extensive experience in choreography and teaching. She has been involved in choreographing works for several guest artists during her graduate years, and her original choreography has been featured in her university and Cleveland annual dance collaborative shows.

Course Introduction

Adult Class:

The adult class curriculum is designed based on the needs of parents to relax and stretch after work, focusing on stretching, posture improvement, and learning choreographed dances. The dance styles covered include Chinese classical dance, contemporary dance, beginner ballet, and dance fitness. The class will start with basic training and stretching and posture improvement, and then delves into more comprehensive dance learning.

Children’s Class

The children's class aims to cultivate children's sense of physical rhythm and body alignment, and to strengthen the awareness of the use of their bodies. Incorporating training styles from both Chinese and Western dance traditions, it helps children discover more possibilities and experience the freedom and joy of dancing. The curriculum covers various styles, including dance and rhythmic games, kid's ballet, Chinese classical dance, and kid's street dance or K-pop.

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