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Badminton Class

​About Badminton lessons

With the main purpose of cultivating and improving students' interest and hobbies in badminton, through a reasonable and scientific physical exercise process, the special sports ability of badminton can be improved. The teaching focuses on teaching basic badminton techniques, moving steps, basic tactics and basic badminton knowledge. Combined with classroom teaching methods such as classroom exercises and teaching competitions, students can basically master relevant techniques and tactics, understand and enhance their awareness of competition, and cultivate their interest in badminton. and hobbies, and use this as a means of physical exercise. Teaching items include: forehand and backhand grip, serving and receiving, high ball, flat ball, front ball, flat draw, net blocking, lob, smash, frontcourt pace, backcourt pace, doubles stance, Doubles fill position, doubles technique and tactics. Badminton is a flexible, fast and changeable net-fighting game. The movements are easy to master, the equipment is simple, and it is full of fun, which is deeply loved by students. Badminton can effectively develop physical qualities such as flexibility, coordination, strength, and endurance, and has a good effect on cultivating courage, tenacity, composure, and decisiveness.  

Admission requirements: Must be at least 8 years old.

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