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Thunder Stealers Audition
Art Director: Wenzhu Sun

Thunder Stealers AuditionIt is a team that has repeatedly achieved great results in the POP dance competition at the Cleveland Asian Festival. It has successfully entered the finals for many years and won the first and second place.


The dance troupe consists of 5 to 10 members from various professional backgrounds. The members of this team are passionate, have a great love for dance and are known for their outstanding performance skills and superb dance talent. Whether on stage or in competition, they displayed excellent teamwork and unparalleled dance prowess. The members of Thunder Stealers are some of the biggest names in the dance world, and their passion and talent have made them one of the most talked about POP dance groups in the region. Through well-choreographed dance works, they showed the audience amazing artistic expression and won the love and support of many fans.


The success of Thunder Stealers is not only due to their talent and hard work, but also to the tacit cooperation among team members and their love for dance art. With their unique style and passionate performances, they continue to bring exciting dance performances to the audience, showing the charm and infinite possibilities of POP dance.

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