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Adult Dance Team
Art Director: Fay Zhou

The adult dance team of West Lake Chinese School continues to recruit new members! ! !

The school's adult dance team is recruiting new students! Whether you have dance foundation or not, we welcome you who are interested in dance to join us. What we bring here is not only professional dance teaching, but also a warm family for the team members. In the process of learning dance, you can develop a good temperament, make more friends, and have the opportunity to participate in performances in various large and small events. The adult dance team of West Lake Chinese School will be a place for you to break through yourself and break the shackles.

As long as you love to dance,

I want to improve my temperament

I want to practice my basic skills

Want to meet a group of friends who also love dancing

The dance team welcomes you to join

There are professional dance teachers teaching here

Various types of dances of different ethnic groups are taught here: such as classical dance, Tibetan dance, Dai dance, Mongolian dance, Uyghur dance, etc.

We also have fixed training time and professional dance classroom, come and join us!

In order to meet the tight schedule of parents, the adult dance team has flexible course setting and adopts a combination of online and offline teaching methods. For the specific rehearsal time and registration method of the adult dance team, please contact Mr. Zhou Fei directly.

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